All-rounder and faithfull companion

The Vector is a strikingly light and remarkably stable rigid frame wheelchair, which can also measure up to the high strain, because the daily routine has many unexpected challenges.




  • 根据您的测量和需求单独构建
  • the all-rounder of the SORG-Rollstuhl-family
  • perfect adaptation to the therapeutic demands of each individual user, from childhood to adulthood
  • abducted or straight frame
  • individual adjustment fot he seat unit without affecting the wheel base
  • 稳定而平稳的处理,以最小化的努力
  • growable in three dimensions
  • variable wheel camber
  • 许多布,颜色和组件选项
  • German Aid Index Nr.


The Vector-wheelchair-concept cannot be topped in variability. Due to this, it can be adjuseted ideally to the needs of the user. If it is for an active driver or as a base for a seat shell, the Vector can be adjusted to almost any needs, due to its wide range of equipment.

Displaceable back tubes


Very durable

Vector is a unique stable wheelchair with excelent driving features. It is suitable for children and adults and the followup model from the Mio. Its adaptability comes from the modular concept: a base for many further components which can be added or changed at any time. And starting at children sizes up to adult sizes with a user weight of up to 120 kg.


技术细节 Vector
seat width 26 - 46厘米(+ 4厘米)
seat depth 28 – 50 cm (+ 4 cm)
back height 25 – 50 cm (+ 5 cm)
max. weight capacity 120 kg
车轮尺寸 20″ – 26″
caster sizes 4″, 5″, 5,5″, 6″, 7″

Therapeutical approach

Therapeutical approach

Vector stands for all the power and motivation that can be retrieved from the manifold opportunities of active self-determination this new all-round wheelchair offers. Vector opens new ways of exploring the environment in an active, independent way, which is the prerequisite for anyone who wants to develop and define their own individuality. The basic necessity for this active way of life is a reliable “companion” in all situations. This is why Vector is constructed as a strikingly sturdy but at the same time remarkably lightweight rigid wheelchair to face all the daily and special challenges of an active lifestyle.Many challenges, one solution! Vector’s new frame concept is one of the most flexible and variable on the market! Whether you decide for a straight, an abducent or an adducted frame, whether you need 26 cm or 46 cm seat width, whether you require an activity chair or a base for a seat shell, Vector is designed to meet all your needs. Of course it is available in many different colours and comes in manifold equipment variations. And if that is not enough, our specialists are keen to create a customized Vector-based wheelchair for your very individual needs.The Vector-concept combines all of our experiences from over 30 years of developing wheelchairs. The result is an optimized, variable wheelchair concept, ideally adaptable to the user. Furthermore, it can grow up to 4 cm in seat depth and width and up to 5 cm in back height, without changing parts. This way it stays flexible and can be adjusted to almost any needs, due to its wide range of equipment.



  • rigid aluminium frame – straight, with 6 cm abduction or aducted – extendable by 4 cm in seat width and seat depth, and by 5 cm in back height
  • 座椅支撑架可调节高度,深度和角度
  • 座角角可调节(最多13°)
  • seat cover individually adjustable
  • adjustable back cover
  • standard wheel lock
  • 带有铝制手工的标准车轮或带有镶嵌手工的轮廓车轮
  • pneumatic or solid tyres
  • standard casters in 4“ – 7“ or transparent casters with LEDs
  • many different frame colour variations: shiny, metallic, coarse structured and dormant

Further equipment components

  • 公司铝座板
  • 在解剖学上形成的座位and back parts
  • different moulded firm back variations
  • back adjustable in angle from 80 – 120° and completely stowable
  • many different seat- and back-cover fabrics and designs
  • 不同的腿支持可调节的高度,深度和角度
  • special and design wheels
  • drum brake
  • caster equipment and track fixation
  • special handrim covers and inlays
  • different side guards and arm rests
  • different head rests
  • 不同的推动手柄变化
  • safety wheels with foot control, adjustable in height
  • 不同的制动杆扩展
  • truss pads
  • single-hand aids and double handrims
  • waist belt and heel loop
  • 拐杖支架和小费杠杆
  • 背面袋(可连接到后管)
  • therapy table variations
  • A lot of different different spoke cover desings

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