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Tiltable standing device – Boogie Swing

站立装置Boogie Swing支持用户处于直立位置并保持自己的力量。Boogie Swingguarantees the user to take part in the benefits of standing. Unlike theBoogie Fix, the centre column on theBoogie Swing可以通过气压弹出到30°前进,无步骤调整。Thanks to its tilting angle a switch from active and passive phases is possible and with this, a relief for the joints or the muscles and stabilising the users circulation is made possible.

Standing aids Boogie Swing



  • Boogie Swingis a stationary standing device for children and adolescents from 80 cm up to 150 cm user height.
  • 根据您的测量和需求单独制造。
  • The centre column on theBoogie Swing可以通过气压弹出到30°前进,无步骤调整。
  • TheBoogie Swinghas many, individually adjustable body positioning aids.
  • 所有支持功能都包括。脚板可以精确的步骤设置,甚至可以在3个维度上毫无台阶设置。
  • With the 3D-foot plates Talipes equinus can be compensated
  • TheBoogie Swingis the “brother” of our standing deviceBoogie Fix,哪个中心列无法向前调整。
  • The Boogie concept supports the therapeutic concept of (early) mobility in an upright pose.

Sorg StehtrainerStehgerätBoogieswing blau橙色04 To learn to stand, with the SORG standing devices

站立的设备Boogie Swing支持用户处于直立位置并保持自己的力量。固定固定装置的简单处理简化了所有相关疗法表格的用途。得益于桁架垫和脚板的简单和单独的设置,才能使直立位置成为可能,这非常接近自然站立。Boogie Swingguarantees an upright positioning which allow the user to take part in the benefits of standing.

Standing device with easy handlingSorgStehtrainer Stehgerät Boogie Swing weiß blau 01

While developing the Boogie Swing, easy handling and setting for the therapists was important to us. The tilt can be adjusted in angle steplessly with a gas pressure spring from 0° to 30° and through the easy and individual setting of the truss pads and foot plates you can react to each necessary therapy form. The Boogie Swing helps its users to form a positive attitude through stationary standing.

Sorg StehtrainerStehgerätBoogieswing blau橙色05 Standing device in three sizes

Our stationary standing devicesBoogie SwingBoogie Fix从80厘米到150厘米的用户高度有3种尺寸可用。所以Boogie Fix和the forward tiltableBoogie Swingare the perfect standing aids for children and adolescents.

The transport of a standing device is really easy, thanks to the pre-mounted transport wheels. Optionally,Boogie SwingBoogie Fixcan also be equipped with steerable casters. With a maximum available width of 64 cmBoogie Swingfits through the most doors.


技术细节 Boogie Swing
weight capacity 60 kg
用户身高 80厘米 - 150厘米
Measurements (L x W) 67 x 54 cm / 73 x 58 cm / 80 x 64 cm

Treatment concept

Treatment concept

The Boogie concept supports the therapeutic concept of an upright pose. With the support according to the three-point-method for an upright pose a careful and controlled strain to the bones and the whole musculature takes place. Even inactive muscles are activated, strained and stimulated. At the same time the balance system is stimulated by the upright pose, a fundamental requirement for the physical and cognitive development of a person. First with the perception of the 3-dimensional changes in a room the children can experience: up/down, back/front, right/left. From this they learn: side regulation, balance control, reflex control and as a result the build of a controllable muscle tone.


  • a side dominance (parallel alignment, no diametric orientation and activity possible),
  • a reflex interference (voluntary and/or involuntary movement patterns),
  • an impaired perception in the sense of space and in sensory (the child can only partly attribute its limbs to its self and actually use them as “tools”)


The danger of scoliosis, decubitus ulcers, trauma, spasms, cardiovascular, metabolism and/or digestive insufficiency etc. is distinctly reduced by this. Boogie supports the strengthening and stabilizing of the metabolism, the cardiovascular system, the sense of balance, perception, reflex control, the digestive system and breathing. Growable dimensions allow the therapeutically sensible use starting in the earliest child years.


Standard version

  • Four feet with two transport wheels in front
  • 胸桁架垫,高度和角度可调节
  • 后桁架垫可插入,高度和深度可调节
  • Knee truss pads with patella hole
  • Optional: aluminum foot plate, continuous adjustable in height or divided, each adjustable in height, width and abduction
  • Many different coating versions
  • 桁架垫盖的许多颜色

Further equipment components

  • 3D-foot plate, additionally, individually turnable and height adjustable
  • Side chest truss pads, adjustable in all directions
  • 侧骨盆桁架垫,可调节各个方向
  • 带有旋转支架和曲柄的后桁架垫,可在各个方向调节
  • 带有静止托架的膝盖桁架垫,可调节各个方向,可单独绑架
  • Spine truss pad adjustable in width
  • foot
  • Therapy tables in various sizes made of beech wood (also with toy box)
  • Equipment with clamp lever instead of setscrew
  • Four casters, lockable
  • 带旋转支架的后桁架垫

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